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5 reasons why we need a World Accountants Day​

Accounting and finance teams are the backbone of every business as they keep track of the numbers and come up with financial planning strategies for a business.

As hidden gems who are vital for the everyday functioning of an organisation and its growth, it is important they are celebrated and their work acknowledged everywhere. 

Here are five reasons why we need to celebrate accounting and finance teams

Its groundhog day

Accountants experience the same day everyday. They put up with audit, compliance, filing of taxes in a cycle. But, these manual, repetitive work they do are the ones that keep the business running everyday!

Overtime everytime

Finance teams have no breaks and work 75 hours approximately every week! It drains a lot of passionate team members and contributes to high attrition as they do not find a suitable work-life balance. 

It is, therefore, important that they get a day to share their experiences and accomplishments with everyone!

Like a nail under hammer

Accounting teams are faced with tight deadlines, requiring them to multitask and handle pressure with a cool head.

Having a day to celebrate what they do would highlight how they juggle everyday tasks just to keep a business afloat and contribute to its growth!

Date with the devil

Accountants are expected to have an eagle eye for detail and pore over spreadsheets almost everyday.

Having a World Accountants Day would inform everyone of the role and scope of finance teams and how they always pay attention to even the smallest of numbers to tally the lengthiest balance sheets. 

Technology that's always a puzzle

Accountants have got to be fully aware of the latest tools and also keep up with the industry’s tech trends. 

Having a World Accountants Day would let the organisation know how they go above and beyond their role every time to increase efficiency of the operations.

Want to improve the experience of your accounting and finance teams and make their work stress-free? Contact for elevating your accounting team and celebrate their achievements!


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