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Does automation create fear or instill faith?

Shoulders slumped and a smile replaced by a frown- this is what an accounting professional feels when they walk into the office every single morning. Their heads are clogged with numbers they are yet to see and errors they have to fix. But, what exactly makes them feel soulless everyday?

A recent study reported that accountants lack motivation to do repetitive tasks and it is one of the primary reasons that they feel unsatisfied with their job. So, the hours they spend slouching over desks and keying numbers in a spreadsheet count towards the growth of a business, but does it actually count for the accountant?

The million-dollar question

If an accounting professional’s work stresses them out and does not add value to their role, they are likely to quit their job, which is not a surprise since the accounting industry suffered from high attrition during the pandemic. To counter this, businesses ‘automate’ certain tasks using bots. How do accountants feel about that especially when finance and accounting always feature on lists of processes that can be automated?

Surprisingly, accounting professionals do not fear machines taking over their job but rather, believe that automation is the answer to a much-needed change craved by the accounting and finance industry.

A study reported that accountants feel satisfied and secure with accounting automation as it takes care of the numbers resulting in a big burden taken off their shoulders. They feel that intelligent automation solutions are great while reviewing numbers and fixing errors.

The next step

While the bots are busy with their job, accounting and finance professionals can be busy with theirs! They can work their way up the career ladder by providing strategies and human insights which are missed by bots, and remove stressful tasks which clog their work calendar. Together with intelligent automation, they would empower a business to be financially strong and reach greater heights!

Eventually, accounting professionals believe that the accounting industry would undergo a great positive transformation, and it won’t be long until a day comes when frowns will be replaced by smiles of satisfaction!

Want to take a step in the positive direction and contribute to a transformation in the accounting industry? Contact us at for relieving the stress of your accounting team.


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