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Sisyphus and CFOs- what do a Greek character and a modern-finance professional have in common?​

With hope lost and energy drained, a modern-day finance professional faces the same fate that Sisyphus faced millions of years ago. But instead of a mountain, they return to their tables to perform the same repetitive tasks over and over again until they are tired of it and can’t take it anymore. 

The frustration that they aren’t adding any value to the business through their repetitive mountain-climbing bursts at a point which is marked by their exit from the organisation or the profession, at large. This is how a lot of finance professionals left their jobs during the pandemic.

Now that the new normal is in, finance professionals do not want to return to their jobs as they do not see it adding meaning to their life.

While Sisyphus' fate is immortalised, the same is not the case for finance professionals.But what is the powerful tool that can change their fate?

Accounting automation!

If only Sisyphus had a machine to automatically roll the rock up the slope every time it came down! 

With the help of accounting automation, a finance professional can stop doing repetitive tasks such as tracking accounts payables and receivables, reconciling bank statements, verifying invoices and so on.

Moreover, finance professionals can see automation as something that paves the way to create meaning in their everyday work, as it takes up the entirety of the dull work and frees them to voice their opinions and strategies about the firm’s growth in monthly meetings. The tangible results that the business derives from their suggestions increase the value and pride of an accountant.

Therefore, automation helps an accountant to break the chain of hopelessness and meaninglessness in their everyday work and empower themselves in a way that Sisyphus could only imagine!

Want to stop the burdensome mountain-climbing and add value to a business? Get in touch with us at to see how you can transform your accounting process and break free of the tasks chaining you to your desk!


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